Things to Know About Best Portfolio Tracker


Keeping an eye on how your investments are doing in the currency markets is a must. The easiest yet least efficient way to do so would be to monitor the movements of your stock using an excel sheet. If you’re not really a novice at the currency markets, you’ll know why this is a bad idea. Within this volatile market, stocks have a tendency to fluctuate abruptly; often, you’ll have only a few minutes to determine what to do with your holdings. So manually checking the stock quotes one at a time won’t do you worthwhile (not forgetting the effort and time that would go into doing something like that). A much more efficient way of tracking the movements of all of your investments is with a portfolio tracker. A portfolio tracker is used to track the movement of holdings in your portfolio.

Best Portfolio Trackers in Canada for 2021

Given that you know what a stock portfolio tracker is, you may be thinking about finding the best portfolio trackers in Canada. To begin with, full disclosure – the best portfolio tracker is the one that fits your preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all tracker that people can suggest immediately. However, after thorough research, we have brought you a set of the most traditional and well-reviewed portfolio trackers. Listed below are the best portfolio trackers you will get in Canada:

Morningstar Canada

The most known name in the portfolio tracker industry is that of Morningstar. This US-based company can be an investment research firm that delivers data insights on a variety of holdings. The company manages assets worth more than $220 billion.

The company is an industry stalwart when it comes to invest in Ratings. Their ratings are believed to be the most accurate, and it highly influences the stock prices. Research implies that funds that were rated highly by Morningstar showed a net positive influx of investment for 12 straight years, from 1998-2010. All funds are ranked on the curve using data analytics and risk & return ratings.

Morningstar finds its popularity one of the masses because of its user-intuitive ranking system. Morningstar assigns a value between 1-5 stars to every fund, in which a 5-star rated fund is definitely the best investment.

Morningstar provides an analysis of the movement of all sorts of holdings, but it excels in the domain of mutual funds. Whether you’ve planned to choose a mutual fund for investment or trying to determine how it’s doing on the marketplace, Morningstar is your best bet. You can even add stock splits to your portfolio on the Morningstar website. By using Morningstar risk rating, you can choose the mutual fund that best aligns with your financial goals.

A couple of two plans that Morningstar offers; a simple plan and reduced plan. The basic plan is free and can be availed using Morningstar’s website. The premium plan comes at $199 per year. The premium package entails various features such as analyst reports, portfolio x-ray, top investment picks, and many others that will help you to analyze funds before making a purchase.


Sharesight is another online platform that will help you track the performance of your portfolio. Sharesight offers reliable and timely updates about the performance of your holdings. The platform supports more than 25 stock exchanges, including NASDAQ and TSX. Furthermore, Sharesight offers an advanced analysis of your portfolio performance along with updates about any dividend payments that you’ve received.

One of the most popular top features of share sight is the benchmarking tool. You should use this tool to compare the performance of your portfolio against popular funds or entire markets. The business has over 250,000 investors throughout the world who like a variety of financial services. This stock portfolio tracker also allows you to check on the status of your portfolio anywhere using the Sharesight investment apps, available on both IOS and Android.

One major downside of making use of this platform is the costliness. The platform is free for portfolios comprising ten or fewer holdings. However, if you have more than ten holdings in your portfolio, you’ll have to choose the paid version. The costs range between $19 to $39 monthly.

TMX Money

Next up on the list is TMX Money. TMX money is the official financial portal of TSX (Toronto Stock Market). That is one of the very most user-intuitive platforms you can use to track your portfolio. Because of its integration with the TSX is considered the most real platform for finding information and analysis on Canadian stocks. TMX Money also gives real-time stock quotes, helping you to act quickly if a stock price suddenly drops or unexpectedly rises.

TMX Money gives you to track all of your stock listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, or TSX utilizing their website. They also have a chrome extension that comes into play handy if you plan on by using tracker regularly. Making use of this extension, you can create a customizable portfolio comprising all your holdings and then analyze it using various visual representations.

TMX Money offers a free platform that has several useful tools for just about any investor. You can view the best-performing stock, top dividends, top-rated ETFs, and a great many other holdings using the TMX Money website. All you have to to do is join free and add your portfolio, which efficient portfolio tracker can do the rest.


Wealthica explores some other side of the amount of money management applications industry. This platform asks one to link all your investment accounts with their website. Wealthica’s servers then automatically import your investment portfolio to track its movement. This idea of asset allocation is relatively new in the Canadian financial market.

Wealthica means that your holdings are synced daily, which essentially means that your balances, holdings, and transactions are updated regularly. Furthermore, you will see the income report to monitor the progress of your portfolio. Finally, their easy-to-use app, available on both IOS and Android, will lessen nearly all your hassles.

One of the standout features is the fact that it gives you to keep an up-to-date balance sheet for all of your family. For instance, create a group of family members, and Wealthica will generate a family balance sheet that entails the whole family’s investments. In this manner, you can track the web worth of everyone with ease.

Really the only drawback to applying this efficient platform is the security issue. Although Wealthica claims it uses bank-level encryption to safeguard data, several Canadian investors are unwilling to share their investment account credentials with any business.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the oldest players in the stock market. Yahoo Finance is a free of charge resource for market research that delivers global coverage. This platform gives you to link your brokers or add lots to your profile. After adding your portfolio, the Yahoo Finance algorithm tracks and monitors your holdings. You get updates and alerts about any substantial rise or fall in the price tag on your securities, letting you make quick decisions about the continuing future of your investments.

Many Canadians have traditionally been using Yahoo Finance for decades, and it has never disappointed. You get an unlimited amount of portfolio watch lists, real-time stock quotes, daily trade ideas, and fair value analysis.

For regular people, these features are enough to control their financials properly. However, for companies, we suggest getting the Yahoo Finance Plus plan. Yahoo offers a user-intuitive app, on both Android and IOS, to track your portfolio and get real-time stock quotes immediately.

One issue with using Yahoo Finance is the amount of advertisements that bombard your screen each and every time you open their app. Several users also have reported technical glitches on the website and app, although most problems have been solved since that time.

The typical plan of Yahoo Finance, used by the majority, is free of cost. Aside from this, the business offers reduced plan starting at $34.99/month that delivers a more comprehensive set of features. This consists of fewer ads, 24/7 customer care, unique company data allowing you to make better financial decisions, and many other features that will permit one to dive deeper in to the world of the currency markets.